DRAVOSBURG (KDKA) — McKeeport Police say they have arrested a suspect in connection with several recent burglaries at half a dozen homes in Dravosburg.

“After living here all this time, we’ve never been bothered by anyone or anything like this,” said Bill Spehar, whose home was burglarized.

It wasn’t Santa Claus making the rounds in this quiet Dravosburg neighborhood.

Instead, police say 34-year-old Adam Flint of Dravosburg is now facing a string of charges. According to police, he is accused of burglarizing at least half a dozen homes in the area in the past month or so.

“We left here at about 3:30 in the afternoon, my wife and I,” said Spehar. “My grandson came home at 5:30 and that’s when he realized that somebody had broke in through our laundry room door and there was money taken.”

Flint was arrested Monday night by McKeesport detectives after they developed information and followed up leads.

For Spehar, the news was a relief.

“So much better, because you know, there’s always a chance they could come back again,” he said.

Meanwhile, the mayor says word that authorities have captured the serial burglar is good news, but residents should still not let down their guard.

“Everyone watches everybody’s neighbors in this town, and you know, the police can’t be everywhere all the time; so it’s a very important factor that the neighbors watch out for your neighbors,” said Mayor John Powell. “That the rise in the robberies that we have, I’m thinking because of the economy and it’s Christmas time.”

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