BELLE VERNON (KDKA) — Warrants have been issued for two men who state police say sold two teenagers heroin and LSD in Washington County.

The teenagers overdosed on the drugs and had to be taken to the hospital.

It happened on Dec. 12 on Terrace Drive in Fallowfield Township when two 14-year-olds were at home without parental supervision.

State troopers say 39-year-old Andrew Seykoski knocked on the door and gave the teens five bags of heroin.

After snorting at least one bag of the drug each, investigators say the teens told police they threw the rest of the drugs over a hill.

Then, later that day, troopers say 21-year-old David Rice contacted the teens via Facebook and asked if they would like to buy some acid/LSD. The teens reportedly said they would trade Rice their Playstation 3 gaming console for six hits of acid.

“It just happened, the kids have access to the game consoles – ‘cause that’s what kids do – but many times, people are stealing these game consoles and trading them for drugs just to get their high, and that’s adults, anybody that can get their hands on it,” said Trooper Joseph Timms of Pennsylvania State Police.

After the exchange, authorities say the teens took the drugs and then overdosed.

They were taken to the Mon Valley Hospital after their parents came home. One of the teens was so sick he had to be taken to Children’s Hospital.

Both men face child endangerment and drug charges.

“We searched a couple of homes and haven’t been able to find them yet,” said Trooper Timms.

Police don’t believe the two men know each other.

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