PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police are searching for the man who attempted to run over a police officer Tuesday night.

The officer was not hurt, but possibly only because he grabbed his gun and fired.

Lots of bullets and broken glass could be seen scattered around after the incident.

One resident wondered what was going on.

“My son had just shortly left – probably like 10, 15 minutes before the gunshots rang off,” Tyrone Morris said.

Police say an officer had recognized a wanted man in the passenger seat of a car and pulled it over at Negley Avenue and East Liberty Boulevard.

But when the officer exited his car, he says he was nearly run over.

“The driver of the vehicle and the front passenger made a decision to apparently drive toward the officer,” Pittsburgh Police Lt. Daniel Herrmann said. “And the officer had to use his service weapon to fire shots to defend his life.”

Police won’t say how many shots were fired, but the car took off.

However, police think they found it later in Wilkinsburg.

The two people inside, though, were gone.

The owner of the car says it was stolen and the back window was smashed out. Police say there was also some blood on the car.

But Morris, who heard the gunshots, says the whole thing is a shame, especially on Christmas.

“This is a day that, you know, people are supposed to be with their families and having fun,” he said. “I mean, I don’t know what the situation, but this is not the day or the time for it.”

Police are also examining scuff marks on the car and questioning the car’s owner.

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