New Technology, New Changes In Culture

(Photo Credit: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

Larry-Richert Larry Richert
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PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – This, week, Newsweek magazine officially changed over to a full digital format, ending their print edition indefinitely. What does this mean for print and can Newsweek survive?

Dr. Frank Viggiano, the Gadget Guru, says the Internet has made printed newspapers, magazines, and book almost obsolete, thanks to access through computers, iPhones, and tablets.

“The younger generation is not paper like we are,” says Dr. Viggiano.

Besides digital news and the ways we read them, Dr. Viggiano also talks about what new tech is available for the New Year. He talks to KDKA-AM’s Larry and John about all kinds of new gadgets you need, whether you’re reading Newsweek, or just getting your e-mail.