MUNHALL (KDKA) — The snow has stopped falling, but that doesn’t mean the work is over for roads crews.

Fearing that slush and water on the roads could freeze overnight means little if any break for salt truck drivers.

In Munhall, Gene Doyle from the Public Works Department says crews will go home for a few hours of sleep, but then be back out at four or five in the morning to make sure roads don’t ice over.

He said their work earlier in the day was non-stop as they tried to keep up with the falling snow Friday afternoon.

KDKA found Rose Bourke and Patty Eicher clearing off the car to head out to watch the Penguins’ game.

Both say the roads in Whitaker were in bad shape earlier, but they’re glad things looked better by evening.

“Very tired of snow, I think we all are,” said Bourke. “I hate standing out here in the cold.”

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