Kym Gable reportingBy Kym Gable

PITTSBURGH (KDK) — A Bridgeport, Ohio woman ousted as the Den Mother of her son’s Boy Scout group is reacting to the national organization’s possible shift in policy regarding gays and lesbians as leaders.

Back in April, a Wheeling, W. Va. area Boy Scout council ousted Jennifer Tyrrell because she is a lesbian.

But today, the Boy Scouts of America announced it’s considering a dramatic change in the controversial policy of excluding gays as leaders.

Tyrrell said in an interview late Monday, “This is about scouting, but it’s about so much more than scouting. It’s about an attitude that people have towards families like myself. It’s about an attitude kids have towards other kids who are LGBT and they feel different, they feel not wanted, they feel worthless. My goal is for them to know they’re OK.”

Tyrrell led petitions and protests for months.

Under the change being considered, the different religious and civic groups that sponsor individual Scout units would be able to decide how to address the issue.

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