MUNHALL (KDKA) — Police say charges are pending in connection with the most recent window smashing incident at Munhall’s Main Street Deli.

It took place a couple of weeks ago when someone used a tree trunk and repeatedly broke the front window at the business.

A surveillance camera caught the suspect relentlessly using the tree trunk as a battering ram to bust the windows.

The owner of the deli, Bruce Barnes, told KDKA-TV that he’s sick and tired of paying out of his pocket to get his plate glass windows repaired. They have been broken several times since last summer.

While Munhall Police have filed charges in the case in prior incidents, the window breaking keeps occurring.

Ed Piskor, the deli manager, said: “It seems like this is the fun thing to do. There’s no reason for it; it’s not like they are stealing anything. They seem to be busting the windows out of spite for some reason.”

Police say the malicious mischief involves only the window smashing because nothing has been stolen from the business.

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