GREENSBURG (KDKA) — Jurors today saw photos of the items used to torture a mentally-challenged Greensburg woman who was murdered.

The photos come in day 2 of Ricky Smyrnes’ capital murder trial.

He’s one of the so-call Greensburg 6 accused in the torture and killing 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty.

The jury saw the knife that authorities say Melvin Knight admitted to using to stab Daugherty in the heart and lung.

Jurors also saw a metal crutch and towel bar allegedly used to beat her.

Also entered into evidence were an empty bottle of Crisco and a large container of detergent, which officials say Daugherty was forced to drink.

Jurors were also read a suicide note that the group allegedly forced Daugherty to write to try and make her death look like an overdose.

“I haven’t been happy for a while,” the note read. “And I also feel like everybody would be better without me on earth. I will always love my om and stepdad no matter what. and I will love the rest of my family also … I am done with life.”

The note was found in pieces and was put back together by police.

The jury mainly heard testimony from law enforcement that interacted with Smyrnes and the other suspects after the murder.

One detective said Smyrnes had admitted to seeing victim Daugherty just one day before she disappeared and voluntarily went to the Greensburg police station to warm up after having spent the night outside.

The jury and Daugherty’s family were visibly affected by the photos, some of which were particularly graphic.

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