TURTLE CREEK (KDKA) – Police are searching for three people in connection with a road rage incident that ended in Turtle Creek early Thursday morning.

According to police, the incident began in Churchill around 1 a.m. when passengers inside a vehicle began throwing things at another car.

According to the victim this case, all he wanted to do was go home. Instead, he was terrorized and shot at and said the motivation for his tormentors is pretty clear – hate.

Steve McDougal is a strong man who is seen a lot, but what he endured is too much.

KDKA’s Ross Guidotti reports:

“I don’t even know these guys. I don’t know them,” McDougal said.

McDougal was driving along Greensburg Pike heading to his Turtle Creek home when seemingly out of nowhere, it began.

“I really can’t say what happened because it all happened so fast, but all I know is stuff was just coming out of the car,” McDougal said.

McDougal says first the men started throwing things out of their Hyundai Sonata. Dodging debris and terrified, McDougal sped up.

“I didn’t flash them give them no fingers, I didn’t do nothing. They followed me from Greensburg Pike all the way to here at 85 mph, I’m going 65 mph around corners,” McDougal said.

The suspects kept tailing him to his home, where the frightening story would go from bad to worse.

“He rams the car for no reason, takes two shots at me,” McDougal said.

All of this allegedly happened while they screamed racist insults. Soon after, they fled the scene.

Police did find two nine millimeter shell casings at the scene and they are looking for that Hyundai Sonata, which is described as a 2002 gold or silver model with front end damage.

KDKA’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland reports:

McDougal says they were the only two cars on the road last night.

“They was just guys out of hell, you know,” he added.

Now, he is just trying to come to terms with the senseless of it all.

“I am just lucky to be alive right now,” McDougal said. “You tried to kill me partner. You tried to kill me.”


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