YOUNG TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — An Indiana County community is in mourning this weekend following a devastating fire that claimed the lives of a child and woman and sent two others to the hospital with severe burns.

The overnight fire reduced the mobile home, located on Route 286 in Young Township, to a pile of twisted metal and debris.

“There were four in the house initially, two who did escape with injuries and were taken to a Pittsburgh hospital and two who were deceased at the fire,” said Indiana County Coroner Mike Baker.

The Coroner’s Office identified the victims as Michael Collier, 9, and Vicki Milliron, 50, from Claridge, Westmoreland County.

When the home went up in flames, owner Theresa Firek was working at the Clarksburg Valley Inn a few miles away.

“A friend of hers called telling her that the place had… her house was on fire,” said Justine Stano, a co-worker. “She dropped the phone and left.”

In addition to losing her son and her boyfriend’s mother, Firek’s 7-year-old son, Dominic, and her boyfriend, Brian Milliron, suffered severe burns. Both were taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital.

“[Dominic is] in the hospital right now with 30 percent burns to his body. He’s in an induced coma, and he’s like in a feeding tube and everything. He’s going to make it, though,” said Stano. “Brian, he was burnt pretty bad… but he should be out in a week.”

Patrons of the Clarksburg Valley Inn as well as family friends have created a makeshift memorial with flowers and balloons near where Firek works.

They’re hoping to rally community support behind the family as they lost everything in the fire and have no insurance.

“It’s going to be a rough time for her and everybody else. Whatever you can do would be appreciated,” Stano said. “They’re all real good people. The kids are wonderful kids. I see them getting on the bus, going to Head Start. She’s just a wonderful person; he’s a wonderful person… just wish this didn’t happen.”

2 Dead Following Indiana Co. Fire, 2 More Hospitalized (2/16/13)
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