SASKATOON, Saskatchewan (CBS) — If you think you have seen icicles here in Pittsburgh – well, think again.

It stands three-stories tall, weighs a couple thousand pounds and it’s been generating a lot of talk in one Canadian town.

“I just look at it every day and think, ‘Oh my goodness, I hope it melts quick,’” said Hazel Nelson, a resident of Saskatoon.

“I noticed it a few weeks ago and it was bigger than it is now,” added Elvis Swartman, another resident. “I was worried about it falling on people’s cars; and actually, there’s a light inside there that glows at night.”

The mass of ice has been there for about a month now, but there are some issues when it comes to trying to take it down.

One of those issues is electrical. There’s a power cable that runs directly through the icicle.

The first giant icicle to be spotted in the town came down last week, but not before it garnered a Twitter handle and a large following. The tweets detailed its eventual demise.

But officials also caution that a large ice mass is something to steer clear of, especially as the temperature goes up.

“Don’t go there. You don’t know how safe it is,” Assistant Chief Bill Coffin, of the Saskatoon Fire & Protective Services. “Is it going to pull away? Can it fall at any time? We don’t know. Nobody can guess that.”

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