PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Kids who love snow were smiling Wednesday, especially if their school district had a “snow day.” It was a chance for one more round of sledding and snowman building.

The hill at Dormont Park had low attendance figures, since school continued with only a two-hour delay.

But at Frick Park in Squirrel Hill, young sled riders took advantage of a Pittsburgh Public Schools snow day. They discovered that heavy wet snow makes for slow sledding. But it’s just right for building a snow fort.

“It’s really wet, which makes it a lot easier to pack together,” says Joseph Wang. “So, it’s a lot easier to make giant things like this.”

“Just kind of caving in here,” says his friend and fellow builder, Elias Tew. “The snow’s pretty nice actually, although it’s probably going to melt away pretty soon.”

Frank Mino says his son, Peter, and dog, Lucy, are in agreement.

“They love the snow,” he says. “And they especially love the snow today, because school got canceled.”

But Marta Kolthoff says that isn’t true of her daughter Sydney’s private school.

“We’re actually skipping school today,” she laughs, “because these types of snowfalls are few and far between. So we’re enjoying it. I guess we’re going to get in trouble now, right?”

Planning ahead, this may be your last chance to get into Carnegie Science Center for the price of a snowball. There is a catch, though. You have to freeze it until the first day of summer.

Then, you’ll not only get to name your own price, but you’ll have a chance to toss the snowball into the Ohio River from the deck of the Requin submarine, moored nearby.

That’s sooner than you might think. The Pirates opener is on April Fool’s Day.

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