PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It was an emotional reunion at the airport Sunday when a man finally was reunited with man’s best friend.

Mike Branigan waited at Pittsburgh International Airport Sunday evening, not knowing for sure when he was going to see his beloved boxers, Scotty and Sarge or what shape they were going to be in.

“I mean, my goodness,” Branigan said. “So the poor animals have been sitting in crates hours and hours and hours and hours.”

After all – what was supposed to be a five hour trip from Los Angeles – had turned into a thirty hour nightmare.

“What am I supposed to do?” Branigan asked. “You’re basically trapped and they’re making the decisions for you.”

A mechanical problem with the plane in LA meant switching the dogs to a light from San Francisco.

But then there was a problem making that connection. So the dogs were re-routed through Houston, Texas. But that didn’t happen smoothly either, so for hours Branigan had no idea what was happening with his furry friends.

“By this time they’ve probably been in their crates 15 hours,” he said. “Think about it – what is a dog going to do? He can’t open the door.”

However, officials with United Airline — on which the dogs were flying — said that’s not what happened. They say the reason the dogs were re-routed to Houston was specifically because there is an in-house kennel there.

With delay after delay though, Scotty and Sarge finally made it down and off the plane to be re-united with their “dad.”

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