DUQUESNE (KDKA) – Police are investigating after nearly two dozen vehicles were vandalized overnight in Duquesne.

Vehicles were forced to be covered with tarps and garbage bags to mask the damage caused by vandals overnight.

Several vehicles were left with broken windows or windshields in the area of Kennedy Avenue, Peter Street, Lowery Street and Zewe Street.

The smashing sounds were loud enough to wake many up.

“I [saw] these two boys with baseball bats and I heard bing, bing,” Donna Johnston said. “They were running and laughing, thinking this was a lot of fun.”

It wasn’t fun for the 20 people who found their vehicle’s windows smashed. The vandals apparently were not after any valuables inside the cars. They simply broke the glass and ran off.

Kim Jennings said her car was recently spray painted by vandals as well. Last night, she and her neighbors drove around the area after discovering the broken windows, finding there were many more victims.

“The front windshield was knocked out. And then I came back out and noticed that the back taillight was knocked out,” Brian Johnson said.

Many are now shelling out hundreds of dollars to repair the windows, including one man who said both of his vehicles were damaged. Neighbors are hoping that someone may have seen or recognized the individuals behind the vandalism.

Duquesne Police said they’re still investigating.

Anyone with details or knowledge of who may have done this is asked to call police.


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