PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The jury reached a verdict in the road rage case, involving a former Pittsburgh Police detective Monday morning.

The jury found in favor of the city and determined Bradley Walker was not acting under the color of the law.

Walker was on trial for choking 32-year-old Jarret Fate and then vandalizing his vintage Porsche in 2010

After the verdict, city attorney Michael Kennedy praised the jury.

“It’s not an easy thing to sit there for days and days and look at a bunch of policies and procedures, an area they’re not versed in. We think they got it right and we’re going to move forward with that,” Kennedy said.

Plaintiff Jarret Fate claims former detective Bradley Walker smashed his car windows, choked him and drew a gun during a minor traffic incident in 2010. He looked at the verdict in the best light.

“It’s just nice to have made it this far and expose information about my assault to the city. A lot of people have been supportive throughout the city about where I stand and I’m happy I made it this far,” Fate said.

“Do you consider it a moral victory,” asked KDKA-TV reporter Harold Hayes.

“I do,” Fate said. “Because, so many people have been warned off-duty police behavior now.”

Fate’s lawyer, Josh Autry, said he will appeal.

“We look forward to an appeal of the ‘color of law’ issue as far as whether we have to prove that Det. Walker acted under color of law and ultimately look forward to a trial that simply focuses on the city’s liability,” Autry said.

Last week, former Police Chief Nate Harper was removed as a defendant in this case, but within days was indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiracy in a slush fund case and for tax evasion.

Before deliberations resumed today, the city asked the judge to question jurors about whether that news affected their ability to be fair.

“I think a few of the jurors may have heard a few comments but none of them did any improper research or did anything inappropriate so they were able to maintain their impartiality,” Kennedy said.

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