PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Chong Hee Kil, Hee Mae Jeong, and Ok Ja Ko did not want their pictures taken when they arrived at a magistrate’s office Monday.

One attorney described them as shy.

But according to court papers, they were far from shy when they were arrested at the Spa 88 in Bridgeville and charged with felony prostitution.

“The felony charges were withdrawn and we agreed to waive into court each of the misdemeanor charges,” attorney Jim Herb said.

The three woman — who do not speak English — appeared in court Monday with a translator, and list addresses in Colorado, New Jersey and Illinois.

At the time of their arrest, investigators said they were looking into questions about their possible involvement in some type human trafficking case because it appeared they lived at the spa.

“The FBI has shown no interest in this,” Herb said. “I talked to the FBI shortly after this occurred and the assured me they had no further interest in the matter.”

But officials said that investigation is in fact ongoing.

With all of the felony charges reduced to misdemeanor prostitution charges, the women waived everything on to court.

Spa 88, according to police, has been shut down and it’s not clear where the three shy women are living today, or exactly what their business in Bridgeville was.

“I didn’t set up the business, I couldn’t exactly tell you,” Herb said.

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