Autism Affects 1 in 88 Kids

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Autism Spectrum Disorder and Autism are used as general terms for complex disorders of brain development that can affect social interaction, verbal and non verbal communication and repetitive behaviors.  One in 88 kids have autism and one in 55 boys are diagnosed.  ASD can be associated with intellectual disability, difficulty in coordination and attention and can affect physical health.

More children are diagnosed with autism each year than with juvenile diabetes, AIDS or cancer combined and the prevalence continues to increase.  Click here to find out more from Autism Speaks.

You can register now for Walk Now for Autism Speaks which will be on Saturday, June 1st at Heinz Field.  The walk moves to Noon this year with registration at 10am.  KDKA will be onsite with Larry Richert along with KDKA’s Kidkast where kids get a chance to play reporter.  Join and walk to change the future of those who struggle with autism.  Click here for details.

Bill Rehkopf recently did a series on Autism speaking with guests from the group Autism Speaks.  See below for interviews.

Bill Rehkopf talked with Brett Spitale from the Pittsburgh Chapter of Autism about World Autism Day. You can listen to the interview here:

Bill Rehkopf talks with Mark Wallace, a parent of an autistic child on what it’s like to raise a child with Autism:

Bill Rehkopf talk with Carla Mazefsky, who is on the board of Autism Speaks, about Autism and World Autism Month:

Bill Rehkopf talks with a parent of a child with Autism about World Autism Month and parenting an autistic child:


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