PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Hopefully drivers in western Pennsylvania won’t have to cringe as much at the gas pump, as the price of gasoline is going down.

The price of gas in our area went down by 8 cents this week, according to AAA in Pittsburgh, bringing the price down to $3.56 from $3.63 per gallon.

The drop is also a significant change from prices last year at this time, which was almost 40 cents more per gallon at $3.89.

“Hopefully this will be a continuing trend and it would be nice to see it back down around $1.49 a gallon again,” said James Kelley.

Officials with AAA say that the drop in price is primarily due to low demand, drops in crude oil prices and “disappointing economic news.” They also say the price of gas could continue to drop by as much as 20 more cents by June.

Pennsylvania ranks 24 among the national gas prices, with the gas being the cheapest in Wyoming with an average price of $3.33 per gallon – Hawaii has the highest price gas at an average of $4.36 per gallon.

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