PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Beaver County Sheriff is headed to trial, after threatening a jail guard and newspaper reporter.

The sheriff was in court Monday as several witnesses described threats he had made.

The first witness to testify was a Beaver County Jail guard who claimed remarks from Sheriff George David caused him to fear for his life.

He says when he tried to shake hands with him at the Democratic Party Headquarters, Daniel Fleischman says David told him, “I’ll cut our mother (expletive) hands off and eat them, then shove them down your throat.”

David faces 11 misdemeanor charges including obstruction of justice, intimating witnesses and terroristic threats.

Those charges were recommended after a statewide grand jury investigation.

David didn’t show much emotion at court, but several supporters showed up.

“This is a witch hunt and I told Joe Spanik that,” said David supporter Barb Bohizic. “I said I don’t know what you’re doing here, what’s going here, but it shouldn’t be happening.”

A judge from Armstrong County is overhearing the proceeding.

Several witnesses were called to the stand Monday, including a reporter with the Beaver Countian who claims the sheriff made racial remarks during the meeting, he also says the sheriff degraded women and pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot him.

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