PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Dr. Gerald Pifer hosted Medical Frontiers and was joined by sports and emergency medicine expert Dr. Moira Davenport to discuss sports related injuries and prevention.

Dr. Davenport runs year round and participates in marathons, she stays in running shape by running “30-45 miles a week” regularly and runs “55-60 miles a week” during marathon training.  Dr. Davenport’s diet for marathon running is bagel or oatmeal 3-4 hours leading up to the race, then a protein bar one hour before, and finally a gel or power chew at the starting line.  Dr. Davenport recognized everyone has different nutritional needs.

Stress fractures are a common injury for those who are athletically active, unfortunately the treatment requires rest, something some athletes have a hard time hearing.  Another successful treatment for stress fractures is water training, Davenport suggested “deep water running” and “swimming” as a good way to stay active and to protect your pre-existing injury.  Water training is good exercise because the resistance of water against movement is greater than the resistance from air, and the water training is easier on your body and joints.

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