PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Once a month, Dr. Frank Viggiano joins Pittsburgh Today Live and the KDKA Radio Morning Show with all his new gadgets for the month. Well, the gadget guy has joined the Mike Pintek family as well. Now, you can hear Dr. Frank Viggiano with his gadgets monthly at 2 p.m.!

Dr. Frank is a radio and television expert on technology. During this visit Dr. Frank shared a few of his new toys including LED lights, the Samsung S4 and the idea of the possible new, iPhone 5S.

“I heard it’s going to be an S, now they could change that,” said Dr. Frank. “They have a tendency to get information out that’s not accurate but speculation.”

He adds the new addition to the iPhone will once again set the bar for smart phones. Now, consumers are expecting something always better than the last version. With the delay of the production of the new iPhone, Samsung will have an upper hand on consumers with their new releases.

“Here in the United States it’s not yet saturated but it’s getting there,” said Dr. Frank. “As I’m sure you heard T-Mobile has eliminated all of their contracts so you don’t have to stay with the carrier.” He believes that there is change on the horizon for wireless companies.

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