PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Let the countdown begin. The Pittsburgh Marathon is just 3 days away and organizers say they are ready to roll.

“It’s going to be a safe event,” race Director Patrice Matamoros says. “We are really prepared for this event.”

Matamoros’ world was rattled after a pair of bombings at the Boston Marathon. After getting over the initial shock and horror, she had to focus on Pittsburgh’s race.

“The biggest thing that went through my mind is I have to let people know that they’re safe when they come to our race because we’re going to prepare,” Matamoros says.

One big difference will be the cocoon-like perimeters posted around the runners. Backpacks are strongly prohibited.

“No bags will be allowed in the runner perimeter and no spectators are allowed in the runner perimeter,” Matamoros says.

Paramedics have always been prepared for race injuries. This year, they’ll be prepared for the worst.

“You do expect the heat injuries, you do expect the pulmonary and the cardiac, but you don’t expect the battlefield injuries,” says Mark Bocain of Pittsburgh EMS.

Matormoros says she expects a safe and successful race this Sunday.


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