PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Dr. Pifer was joined by doctors Thomas Julian, William Poller and Mark Trombetta to discuss breast cancer prevention and treatment.

Diana Napper the creator of the Glimmer of Hope Foundation also joined the doctors in studio, The Glimmer of Hope foundation raises money and awareness for breast cancer research.

The doctors spoke highly of a new 3D ultrasound diagnostic machine which helps women with dense breasts.

Women with dense breasts may have difficulties identifying lumps during regular mammograms — the new 3D ultrasound diagnostic machine will reveal problems in the breast that may be missed with a traditional mammogram.

The doctors wanted to make it clear that traditional mammograms and self examination is still the “gold standard” for breast cancer prevention and diagnosis, no one knows your body better than yourself.

Radiation from mammograms was something brought up from a caller, she was worried of the effect it may have on her body.

The doctors equated the radiation from a mammogram to taking a trip on a plane, it’s about the same amount of radiation. The little amount of radiation is worth a successful diagnosis, which can lead to successful treatment.

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