PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A K-9 and an officer were injured responding to a drug bust Tuesday.

A Latrobe Police officer is expected to recover, but the K-9 is so well trained that when it was attacked by a Pit Bull, it didn’t fight back because it is trained not to be aggressive with other animals.

Police were conducting a drug raid with a search warrant at a house suspected of selling heroin.

They had to subdue 23-year-old Michelle Muck on the porch and when they opened the door, two Pit Bulls attacked – one of which bit the police dog, Rocky.

One of the dogs grabbed Rocky on the lower jaw and resulting in some tearing and puncture wounds, causing a lot of bleeding.

The other Pit Bull bit the officer on the foot and was shot.

Officer Robert Derk said he couldn’t get a shot at the dog that bit Rocky.

Once inside, police found $2,500 worth of heroin and $700 in cash.

Muck and 42-year-old Bruce Thompkins were charged with possession with intent to deliver.

It’s one more reason why officer Derk says his partner Rocky is worth his weight in gold.

“Just him being there saved another officer from being injured from a Pit Bull attack,” he said. “He’s always a hero, he does a good job.”

The officer who was bitten is waiting to see if he needs a rabies shot. Rocky is taking antibiotics and should be fine.

In his time with the department, Rocky is responsible for 24 arrests due to drug apprehensions and 18 individual apprehensions.

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