PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Neighbors say it’s a dangerous intersection with cars and even school buses speeding through it.
Now a woman who was hit there has died.

And 67-year-old Alberta Slaczka’s car was hit by a small school bus on Greensburg Pike.

The driver, 71-year-old Ernest Brevard, was in court and could be facing more charges.

Brevard is accused of running down a woman at the intersection and fleeing.

And this morning, that woman died.

Flowers and a cross mark the spot where she was hit on Greensburg Pike in Forest Hills.

“I know it’s pretty dangerous trying to get across here, because between the traffic flying up and down, you know in the morning, there’s a ton of school buses that go back and forth,” one woman said.

The bus Brevard was driving was taking students to the nearby Christ Lutheran Church when he allegedly hit Slaczka.
Many neighbors were angry.

“He left the scene,” one neighbor said. “I mean, how could you not notice going over a person? He deserves to get time.”

Police say Brevard tells them he didn’t realize he had struck a person, but eyewitnesses tell police another story. They say Brevard looped around, came back, took a look at the body and then kept going.

Brevard’s hearing was postponed Wednesday when it was learned Slaczka died.

It caught everyone by surprise, including Brevard’s attorney.

“The victim in the case passed away this morning, so you it’s definitely a change in how we will deal with the case,” attorney Blaine Jones said. “Our heart goes out to the family.”

The district attorney tells KDKA that he’s waiting for autopsy results before deciding on what new charges to file against the bus driver.

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