GREENSBURG (KDKA) — Kevin Murphy’s family believes in his innocence, and thought the trial would set him free. But now, as he heads to death row, they are speaking out about what they think happened.

Murphy chose to stay seated next to his attorneys as a judge sentenced him to death.

The solemn proceeding comes just days after a jury decided Murphy should die for the shooting deaths of his mother, Doris Murphy; sister, Kris Murphy; and aunt, Edith Tietge.

“Kevin has said this is like a dream. Well, it’s not really a dream, it’s more of a nightmare that he’s dealing with and we all are,” said Janet Murphy, the suspect’s aunt.

Janet Murphy, along with a group of other family members and friends, has been in court each day to support her nephew.

“We do believe in his innocence,” said Paul Murphy, a family friend.

Kevin’s uncle, Sonny – who is also a brother and uncle to the victims – found his loved ones’ bodies inside of Ferguson Glass in April 2009.

He doesn’t think that the murders have been solved.

“The whole family is shocked because now it’s over, and whoever is the person that did this, they got away with it,” said Roy “Sonny” Martin, the suspect’s uncle.

The prosecution’s case was based entirely on circumstantial evidence with the exception of testimony from a jailhouse snitch.

Murphy’s family has a different theory.

“I think it was mistaken identity,” said Janet. “They were looking for someone else and they had the wrong directions to the glass shop, and they were the victims because they were there.”

More than four years after the murders, Ferguson Glass is back open.

It’s being run by Murphy’s former girlfriend who is now living with and dating his business partner.

As for Kevin Murphy, he is set to die by lethal injection at SCI Rockview in Centre County. His defense team plans to appeal.

“It’s not over yet,” said Sandy Becker, a family friend. “It’s a bump in the road for Kevin, and for the entire family, but it’s not over yet.”

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