EAST DEER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A speeding train hit a car sitting on the railroad tracks late Sunday evening.

According to police, the incident happened along Freeport Road in East Deer Township around 11:30 p.m.

“I saw the car there and the train whistle was blowing. The guys were close to the car who were in it so I was just kinda hoping they’d get away from it,” Brandon Savka said.

Police said the car’s driver was David Roberts, 24, of East Deer Township. The car ended up on the tracks when Roberts tried to cross the tracks a few yards short of the actual crossing.

“They had the front two wheels over the tracks and they were trying to back out and they were just on the gravel spinning the tires,” Savka said.

With no hope of freeing it up, bystanders could be heard screaming for the men near the vehicle to move as a train rapidly approached.

Roberts’ car didn’t get very far once he was hung up on the track and in turn, once he took off, Roberts didn’t get very far either.

“My parents said they saw the driver run over to the storage unit over there,” Savka said.

Roberts was eventually found hiding under some bushes some 500 yards away from what was left of his car.

“I guess he was under the influence. Apparently, he left a beer can and driver’s license on the seat,” Savka said.

East Deer Township Police confirmed that in fact, Roberts was drunk. He was taken into custody and faces numerous charges.


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