Christine D'Antonio reporting

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The search is on for a dog that attacked a man on Diehl Avenue in Carrick Sunday night.

Pittsburgh Police say 35-year-old Josh King was viciously attacked by a dog while he was walking through a cemetery. King had been hanging out at a friend’s house for an outdoor barbeque before the dog bit him multiple times.

Linda Cramer who called 911 for the victim said, “One ankle looked like the whole back end of the ankle was bit off — like you could see the meat inside of your ankle. The other ankle you could see the bite marks. His lip was just hanging there. It was pretty bloody.”

Cramer says by the time she got outside to help King, the dog was gone. Police say the dog is brown with a white spot on his face and that he’s an unknown breed.

Sharon Wank who lives right next to the cemetery where the attack reportedly happened says it’s a popular spot for joggers and also a place people take their dogs.

She regularly takes her beagle there, but says until the attack dog is found little Rocky will stay in the yard.

“We don’t know if it was a dog that lives around here, a stray dog,” Wank said. “A dog that doesn’t have an owner, I have no idea.”

King, who’s in Mercy Hospital, said he’s in a lot of pain and didn’t want to talk on camera about the ordeal, he says doctors haven’t told him when he’s allowed to go home.

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