FORT ALLEN, Pa. (KDKA) — People whose homes were destroyed in the Hempfield Township tornado in 2011 are reacting to the devastation in Oklahoma.

“Once you’re in a tornado, it’s something you don’t forget,” said Dolores Marcheleovich, of Fort Allen.

The Hempfield tornado was not nearly as strong as the one in Oklahoma, but the danger was real.

“Any tornado can be tragic and life-threatening,” said Dan Stevens, of the Westmoreland County Department of Public Safety.

It has taken the people of Fort Allen more than two years to regain a sense of normalcy, and it’s a process that continues today.

As they watch the process beginning in Oklahoma, they are sending good thoughts that way.

“I would say praise Him in the storm. Praise Him in the storm, that’s what I would say,” said Felicia Dillie, of Fort Allen.

“Pray a lot,” said Marcheleovich. “Have a lot of faith in God. Stick with your family no matter what.”

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