PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Allegheny County District 1 Councilman Matt Drozd announced that he is switching his party affiliation from Republican to Independent. On Tuesday, Drozd lost the nomination as the Republican nominee to school board member, Tom Baker. He’s now asking the Allegheny County Republican Party to resign his chair.

“I didn’t lose in the election, the election was taken by five gentlemen that misled the voters,” said Drozd. “I’d rather lose with my honor and dignity in place then win the way they did.”

He describes his campaign as positive and honest, the opposite of his competitor. Baker sent out two flyers in the mail that claimed Drozd had voted yes to support Obamacare, he never did that.

In a statement by the President of the Allegheny County Council, Dr. Charles J. Martoni, District 8 Representative, he confirms that: “The Allegheny County Council has not, in the last eight years, passed or endorsed any legislative matters endorsing the Affordable Care Act.”

He continues that in further research of the council’s legislation beginning at its origination, revealed that there was only one bill that merely mentioned the Affordable Care Act, not endorsing it.

Now Drozd is asking the voters to not re-elect the three Republican legislators, Vulakovich, Mustio and English, when they’re up for re-election, as well as not voting for Baker in the Primary.

Drozd feels that these men looked the other way when the flyers were mailed and continued to support his opponent. So now they should accept responsibility for condoning his actions. He adds that these gentlemen knew the council had never supported Obamacare but still allowed the ads to continue.

“The false accusations misled many voters into placing their votes against me helping Baker win the election,” said Drozd.

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