PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A golden sun rose on this the eve of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals of Pittsburgh vs. Boston.

The questions for many is who will prevail.

The Pens dispatched the pesky Islanders in six — impeached the out-matched Ottawa Senators in five.

But what about the Bruins?

And this long break in between series – to who’s advantage does it fall?

“I think it might be a wash in a way,” one fan said. “They got some defenseman banged up and we got some guys hurt.”

The series is full of sub-plots. Playoff battles have seen injuries that have ruined careers – regular season ice wars, as well.

And now the Bruins have a former Pens great: old number 68, Jaormir Jagr.

“Jagr’s coming back how happy are you about that,” KDKA’s Ross Guidotti asked a Pens fan.

“Who’s he?” the man responded.

But old or new players on this black and gold day, can we even imagine a Boston win?

“I think it’s all about the cup and the Pens are going to take it,” he said.

“I think the Pens will win in five or six,” another fan said.

“I think they will play for the Cup,” one woman said. “Put that aside and play for the Cup, that’s what it all comes down to.”

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