PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – One Pens fan stirred up controversy after Saturday night’s game when he took to Twitter, upset about a play.

Boston.com reports that Jordan Kuruc tweeted about his hope that Boston would be bombed again after he was angered by a play during the game.

His tweet read:

“NHL is (expletive) rigged! Matt Cooke made a clean hit. I hope your city gets bombed again Boston.”

After much backlash, the band Kuruc plays in even released him saying he would play two gigs that the band was already committed to, but would no longer be playing with them after that, according to Boston.com.

However, the website reports that Kuruc later apologized on Twitter for what he said, with a tweet reading:

“What I have said tonight was uncalled for its just a game and I should never bring a tragedy into it!”

Since then, though, Boston.com says Kuruc has deleted most of his tweets relating to the game.

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