PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — PBS Digital Studios has unveiled another Mister Rogers remix video, and fans are noticing.

It was released Thursday, and quickly had more than 200,000 views. “Sing Together” is an homage to the late Fred Rogers and his love of music.

Bill Isler, president of the Fred Rogers Company, says the four-minute, mash-up highlights decades of creativity, from the studios of Pittsburgh’s WQED.

“They had to spend hours and hours and hours, not only viewing the video, but then making the edits and putting it together so everything matched. And it is brilliant,” he said.

The rhythmic remix builds on a previous triumph, just one year ago.

“Sing Together” comes on the heels of PBS Digital’s first effort – a viral video whose reach extended far beyond the boundaries of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

“Garden of Your Mind” introduced Fred Rogers to a brand new audience.

“It’s had over nine million hits on YouTube,” Isler says. “It is stunning, the people who are drawn to it, and some seeing Fred for the first time. And some looking at other YouTubes, and then going and watching PBS. Fred was a real person. He was not a character. There was no animation. He was the real thing. And to be able to see his work continue is the most gratifying part of the work I do.”

You can watch the remix below:

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