Shooting Victim Arrested After Firing Shot At Police In Larimer

(Photo Credit: Jeff Roupe/KDKA)

(Photo Credit: Jeff Roupe/KDKA)

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LARIMER (KDKA) – A man is in custody after firing a shot at police officers in Pittsburgh’s Larimer section Thursday afternoon.

The shooting happened in the 1300-block of Paulson Street around 12:45 p.m.

Police officers were there to talk to talk to a crime victim, a man who had recently been shot. That’s when things got strange.

“They saw this man standing out in front of the residence, trying to conceal a firearm,” said Pittsburgh Police Commander Timothy O’Connor. “When they approached him to take him into custody a scuffle ensued, firearm was pulled out, he discharged a round, it stuck into a parked car in front of the residence, missed our detective.”

Police can’t understand why someone they were trying help would pull out a gun and shoot at detectives.

“He was not wanted. We wanted to talk to him about… cause he was shot over this last weekend and we’re interviewing him as a follow-up investigation,” said Commander O’Connor. “We’re here on his behalf to find out who shot him.”

The shot from the suspect’s gun missed its mark, and lodged in the door of a car.

No one was hurt. The suspect is now in custody.

Meanwhile, police say the incident underlines the danger on the streets these days.

“There’s a lot of people out here unfortunately they have a callous disregard for other people’s safety – the police, fellow citizens, that’s what we’re here for,” Commander O’Connor said.

The suspect’s name has not been released.

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