WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) – Last Friday in Derry Township, two bars were robbed about 45 minutes apart.

First was the Kingston Club, which is private and requires a passcode to enter. Two men approached a patron leaving.

“They demanded he open the door and allow them inside,” said State Police Tpr. Steve Limani.

But the man was a guest and didn’t know the passcode.

“They took him around the side of the building at gunpoint, made him lay on the ground,” Limani said.

When another patron exited, the alleged robbers forced their way inside, telling everyone to hit the floor and got some money before taking off.

Deborah, a bartender, says her co-worker lost sleep re-living the robbery.

“Shaken up, thank God nobody was hurt,” she said.

A short time later, exiting employees at Tommasini’s Tavern were robbed in the parking lot. Their cell phones and car keys were thrown into the woods.

Meanwhile, at a late night traffic stop, Andrew Lenhart and Andrew Brunetto were pulled over for speeding.

The Honda Civic they were driving and their descriptions matched that of the alleged robbers.

“They knew about the guys, where they lived, had their IDs,” Limani said.

Lenhart and Brunetto were picked up by police. A BB gun was also recovered, it had been ditched near the initial traffic stop.

Investigators are trying to determine if these men are responsible for two other recent robberies in the area.

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