CASTLE SHANNON (KDKA) — A third dumpster was hauled away Friday, loaded with food and brew.

Flood waters swamped the basement of one of the South Hills’ favorite watering holes.

The high water closed down Someone Else’s Bar on Willow Avenue in Castle Shannon.

“It’s a reality; it’s a fact of life. I can’t control flood waters,” says owner Else Franzmann.

Like the television sitcom, at Someone Else’s Bar everybody knows your name, and you’re guaranteed to find Hershey Kisses, M&M’s and Twizzlers on the bar besides the good company.

Concerned patrons are stopping by, and Franzmann says the fire department and lots of others are pitching in.

“I have a great support system,” Franzmann said. “I have a wonderful staff. My boys came and helped, all my kitchen staff and some loved ones.”

But the loss is still a big one.

“I had just gotten a delivery on Tuesday,” Franzmann said. “So I had all brand new chicken, chicken wings, steaks.”

All-Angus burgers, vegetables and more is all gone, and insurance doesn’t cover it.

“You don’t take a chance with food for yourself or the public, so pretty much everything had to go,” said Franzmann.

A lot of other businesses and homeowners are doing this same thing, and it is critical to get rid of any contaminated or spoiled food.

“When food’s not kept cold, bacteria can grow and cause foodborne illnesses,” says Dr. Ronald Voorhees, the acting director of the Allegheny County Health Department.

A freezer at 40 degrees can preserve food longer.

Flood water poses other dangers.

“And it’s got bacteria and molds and dirt and chemicals,” said Dr. Voorhees.

When in doubt, pitch food to be safe. Franzmann is restocking and will be ready for the regulars when she reopens on Monday.

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