By: Alyssa Marsico

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Jackson, born earlier this year in January, has a rare birth defect known at OEIS.

This defect shows in complications surrounding the spine, bladder and digestive system. It causes those organs to remain outside the body during development.

Jackson, or “Jax,” can get treatment that could help him at Children’s Hospital. Due to insurance issues, however, his family could not afford the ambulance needed to transport him from Valhalla, N.Y., to Pittsburgh.

Paul Falavolito, White Oak EMS, heard Jax’s story and wanted to do his part to help. He organized the trip for Jax to pick him up in New York and bring him here to Children’s Hospital.

Falavolito joined KDKA Radio’s Bill Rehkopf on the Afternoon News and told KDKA, “It reaffirms to me why we do this job. Probably one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve been a part of.”

They were expected to arrive at their destination around 5 p.m. today.

Check out Jax’s Facebook fan page, “The Adventures of Super Jax,” where you can learn more about this brave little boy and follow his journey.

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