MERCER COUNTY (KDKA) – A Mercer County business man found murdered in his home last week was laid to rest Tuesday as police and the District Attorney work toward finding his killer.

The Mercer County DA met with state and local police to review the status of the investigation.

They’re trying to solve one of the most shocking crimes ever to happen in the Greenville-Hempfield Township community.

Businessman Frank Crash was found murdered in his home – he had been stabbed 70 times.

“Stabbed? Seventy times? That’s a little bit much I think,” said business owner Matt McAnn.

“That’s a little bit over zealous,” said friend of Crash Stephanie Williams. “Like I said, we don’t have that kind of stuff around here. This is such a small community and it’s based on family.”

Crash was long-time owner of an auto repair business.

“Frank would deliver me parts himself, personally you know,” McAnn said. “He always treated me well.”

Friends say Crash had lunch every day at Steph’s Place – a business he once owned.

“To say his loss is tragic is an understatement,” said Williams. “Not only to his family and his friends, even to the community. I mean he donated, he was generous, especially his inner circle and the people around him and the things that he cared about.”

Former Greenville Mayor Richard Miller, a long-time friend, says crash will be sorely missed.

“You miss the banter with him,” Miller said. “He always had something, like if I saw him on the steps or something, he’d always have a quip about something. He’d always say ‘Hey Miller, I want to tell you something’ and he’d tell me his opinion on something whether I asked for it or not.”

A lot of people in Greenville think they know who murdered Crash and they’re waiting for an arrest.

“It will be solved,” said business owner Phil Godfrey. “I mean, there’s no question in my mind it will be solved. They know who did it now.”

Authorities obtained search warrants for Crash’s home and for one of his daughters’ apartments.

The DA is expected to release more information about the investigation on Wednesday.

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