PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The current Powerball Jackpot has reached $425 million and it’s expected to keep growing.

So what’s your magic number?

KDKA’s John Shumway took to the streets and asked people how high the jackpot has to get before they’re interested.

“I’d say about $100 million,” one person said.

Others said it would take $300, $400 and $600 million.

Since the multi-state lottery upped tickets to $2 and made other adjustments, jackpots have performed as expected, climbing higher and attracting more players.

“We no longer know if it’s 100 million or 200 million at this point, we see the sales starting to jump,” Pa. Lottery Executive Director Todd Rucci said.

The jackpot amount is tied to tickets sold and Rucci says when it hit $300 million, sales spiked.

The winner isn’t always part of a group, but more groups tend to play when the money gets bigger. And after no one won on Saturday, the jackpot jumped to $400 million and the race is on again.

“We’ve had close to a million dollars in sales today alone as far as Powerball goes,” Rucci said. “Things are really starting to heat up and we’re excited.”

For many, no amount of Jackpot in the world will get them to shell out even a couple Washingtons.

And others enjoy the dream.


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