PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There is no doubt, driving around Pittsburgh can be a challenge at times.

There always seems to be construction, add that to the many driving distractions, and it is no wonder a new report ranks drivers in Pittsburgh among the worst in the nation.

From what seems like constant road work to those infamous tunnel backups. Pittsburgh drivers encounter all sorts of obstacles.

“I think almost every day I can run into construction in some areas in part of town,” said Monica Koman, of Ross Township.

The challenges are obvious, but there may be a bigger issue.

According to the Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report, Pittsburgh has downright bad drivers. In a list of 200 cities, the ‘Burgh ranked 22nd worst.

Fort Collins, Colo., was placed as the safest driving city.

“Pittsburgh has some pretty crazy traffic patterns, there’s always construction, so I’m not surprised by that,” said Dan Cardone, of Allstate Insurance Company.

The study, completed by the Allstate Insurance Company, looked at car crash frequency.

According to the data, collected from insurance claims, the average driver in Pittsburgh will be in an accident every 7.2 years. Nationally, the average driver will experience a collision every 10 years.

“That probably is very appropriate; I had a lot of accidents in my early years and none in my later years,” said Anne Sennott, of Pittsburgh.

Allstate employees say this report is not to discourage drivers here in Pittsburgh, but instead to encourage them to make better and smarter choices behind the wheel.

“Being aware of traffic patterns and changes in them, getting directions, I think is a big thing,” added Cardone. “Obviously, GPSs are a help but maybe mapping out in advance where you are going would be helpful.”

Something else, eliminate distractions like texting and talking on cell phones and eating. In the same study conducted last year, Pittsburgh was listed as the 27th worst driving city.

Click here to read the Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report.

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