ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Geibel Catholic High School went up against Vincentian Friday night in North Park and got pummeled. The final score, 65-0.

Geibel was blown out in week one of the season, 81-0.

And, last week, the Geibel Gators forfeited a game because they were shorthanded. They had only 12 players.

Their roster this season is 16, with two seniors and all the rest are underclassmen.

“They are undeterred. They’re the best kids I know,” said Pete Nace, the team’s head coach.

Geibel principal Don Favero said that the team was clearly not ready for “primetime,” but there were some hopeful signs, with Geibel making a few first downs, and completing some passes.

“I’m really proud of them,” said Faveto. “I’m proud of their determination and they’re playing for all the right reasons, so we don’t know if this story is going to have a happy ending but we’re really proud of their efforts.”

Favero said a group of students and parents came to the administration, and pushed for a football program despite a player shortage.

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