WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — An apparent case of road rage involving a school bus is under investigation. Parents of the kids on the bus say they don’t like how the incident is being handled.

The parents say the aggressor was a detective with the Washington County District Attorney’s Office.

Parents say when a school bus approached an oncoming car at the intersection of Donnan and Second Streets in Washington, either could move.

The driver, who was in a government-issued vehicle, got angry.

“He got out and went and banged on the door,” said parent Justine Nielsen. “I wouldn’t say he was banging on it in fury; I’d say he was just banging it to get him to open the door to tell him to move out of the way, which I still don’t think was right.”

KDKA has since learned that the driver who banged on the school bus door is a detective who works for the Washington County District Attorney’s Office.

He had a gun in his holster, and parents say he screamed obscenities in front of small children on the bus.

“Well, with everything happening nowadays, you don’t know who he was,” said Ruth Leonard, another parent. “You know, he could have pulled that gun out and started shooting at people. And it’s just; I think it’s really bad that the D.A. won’t let anybody know who it is.”

The school bus is owned by GG&C Bus Co. They say the driver did everything right.

One grandparent says she’s hoping the D.A. takes action against the detective.

“I don’t want to see him lose his job,” said Dea Spencer. “I don’t want to see anyone lose their job, but anger management courses or… just so that I know something was done about this.”

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