C is for Canonsburg AND Cecil!

Marty Griffin Marty Griffin
Looking for some inside juice? Marty Griffin is your man. Born...
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“C” is for Canonsburg.  Marty Griffin did a live broadcast on Monday, October 7th form Sarris Candy in Canonsburg!

Check out photos from the event here.

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“C” is also for Cecil.   The Morning Show with Larry and John and the Inside Story with Marty Griffin did a live broadcast from Range Resources in Cecil Township on Thursday, October 24th.

Check out photos from the event here.

Range Resources has the goal to develop the natural gas resources that support our modern way of life.  They handle all of their operations responsibly and with respect to our environment.  With safety as their priority, Range Resources pledges to be a good neighbor, support thriving communities, and introduce newer, safer, cleaner, and greener technologies.  For more information on Range Resources, click here.