LAS VEGAS (KDKA) — Changes could be coming to the way people gamble at casinos.

A convention is underway in Las Vegas to show people the new games and new ways to win the jackpot.

One of the biggest things you might notice at the Global Gaming Expo is that pop culture and gambling have united.

New games are coming out that feature rock stars like ZZ Top, TV shows such as “The Walking Dead,” and movies like “Avatar.”

These new machines should make it to casino floors soon, and possibly here in our area.

That’s not all. Take this idea, win at Blackjack and you don’t take your chips with you.

Rather you get a ticket printed out that you take to a kiosk.

Many tech companies are working to expand gambling beyond the casino and into the palm of your hand.

They’re working on new platforms and mobile apps.

Real money gaming on your phone isn’t legal yet, but you can already play some of the new movie-themed games for fun.

So if you lose, it won’t take a bite out of your wallet.

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