PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburgh Pirates fans could hardly contain their excitement after their team won their first playoff game in 21-years.

In fact one Pirates fan went as far as to jump off the Roberto Clemente bridge into the Allegheny River.

Dean Pasztor, 21, was walking across the Roberto Clemente Bridge with friends after the Pirates’ win Tuesday night when he decided to strip down to his boxers and jump into the Allegheny River with around 3,000 people watching.

It wasn’t planned, but more a spur of the moment decision he made amongst friends after watching the game over a few beers at a North Shore bar.

Pasztor says he wasn’t drunk, but more in the spirit of the night.

As a lifelong Pirates fan and overall thrill seeker, the jump seemed like a fun way to celebrate.

YouTube video of the Shadyside, Ohio, native shows the near 45 feet jump that’s made him an overnight viral video sensation.

Pasztor says he wasn’t afraid of getting hurt because he’d jumped off another bridge before and is a strong swimmer.

“It was irrational. I won’t lie. I knew what I was doing, but I wasn’t thinking about the after effects,” Pasztor said. “Like as soon as I hit the water and was swimming back I was thinking…authorities, I was thinking Allegheny County Jail. I was thinking the worst. I can’t believe I did it.”

Pasztor says when he got back to the bridge he was surprised to be greeted with high fives from onlookers instead of handcuffs and a police escort.

He says he doesn’t want to start a trend, and neither do the Pittsburgh Police who say they don’t plan to actively pursue him.

However, they want to get the message across that Pasztor’s injury-free splash could not only be life-threatening, but is also illegal.

And that anyone they catch will be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Pasztor promises this was a one and done jump and that he won’t do it again no matter how many playoff games the Pirates win.


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