PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A bold and bungling robber is on the loose, after a messy bank robbery in Pittsburgh’s Chateau neighborhood.

Police say the Citizens Bank in the 1600 block of Metropolitan Street was robbed around 3:30p.m. Thursday afternoon.

Investigators say the robber tripped over a pole in the bank, he fell, and lost his baseball cap, and some of the loot before fleeing.

Ralph Iannotti Reports:

In the parking lot, another man also reportedly jumped in the getaway car, but they had trouble starting the car.

One of the suspects inside the vehicle told police when he was stopped in an SUV a few blocks from the scene that he was car-jacked after the robbery.

“He gives a report that he was car-jacked by other individuals by gunpoint,” says Lieutenant Kevin Kraus.” “He claims he was forced to drive several blocks before they got out the car but at this point he’s being questioned.”

Police arrested that man, 38-year-old Christopher Clinton, and he has been charged with conspiracy.

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Police

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Police

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