FOLLANSBEE, W. Va. (KDKA/AP) – A reported natural gas explosion has leveled a home, and rocked a neighborhood just over the Pennsylvania state line in Follansbee, West Virginia.

Multiple fire crews and investigators are still on the scene of the home on Eldersville road.

Brooke County Sheriff Chuck Jackson says one person is dead, and three other members of the family were injured in the Brooke County blast.

Neighbors say the house belonged to Tracy and George Mozingo and that after the blast, they were heard screaming that their daughter was in the house.

“One of the girls went back in the home and the explosion and they were screaming, ‘help me my daughter’s in there,’ by then it was totally engulfed,” said neighbor Frank Rea.

Friday afternoon, friends and family of the couple’s daughter, Hannah, had posted RIP messages on her Facebook page.

“It’s unreal, I’ve never saw anything like that in my life, and I was never so frightened like that in my life,” neighbor Barbara Bottorf told KDKA’s Paul Martino.

Fire officials say that there was a report of a natural gas smell in the area just before the blast. In fact they were just about to call the gas department when the explosion occurred.

The Stimpaks live a half mile away, “the fan blades on our ceiling just snapped off. I didn’t know what happened. At first I thought it was lightning and then thunder, but I never felt anything that powerful,” Ron Stimpak said.

Windows were shattered and doors were buckled throughout the entire neighborhood.

Some residents report they felt the blast as far as 10 miles away.

Neighbors say the family that lives in the home just moved in a few months ago.

Friends came together Friday night to remember the 13-year-old girl who died when her home exploded.

Hannah Mozingo was killed the blast.

Mozingo attended Follansbee Middle School. Principal Kim Johnson says counselors were brought in to help students cope. She says the adults there have been hit hard, too.

Dawn Adams is the mother of one of Hannah’s best friends. She said Hannah’s friends at a candlelight vigil wore camouflage or hunter’s orange because Hannah loved to hunt with her dad and brother.

Donations for the Mozingo family are being accepted at:

Progressive Bank
744 Charles Street
Wellsburg, W.Va. 26070

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