PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Local climate change experts are coming together next month to persuade Pittsburghers to begin using sustainable energy instead of non-renewable energy resources that pollute and raise the temperature of the Earth.

Climate change expert Bill McKibben is coming to the Pittsburgh Sheraton in Station Square on Monday, Nov. 4, 2013, at 6 p.m. to host an annual dinner that raises awareness to the ways humans are polluting the Earth and how they can stop it.

Chair of the Thomas Merton Center’s Environmental Justice Committee Wanda Guthrie and Former President of The Pittsburgh City Council Doug Shields will be in attendance.

Both stopped by the KDKA studios to talk to Chris Moore about why fracking is not the solution to protecting our Earth and atmosphere and how divesting from fossil fuels would make a major change.

“Mr. McKibben is the President and Co-founder of 350.org. 350 is the number of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere that we can reach before we go over the top. Right now, we are at 392, which is really bad. We nee to stop this number from increasing as soon as possible,” Guthrie said.

Shields agreed by saying, “We need to operate on systems that are sustainable. Sustainable resources provide jobs, creates better lives, and reduce the carbon footprint that impacts our climate change. We have to think about tomorrow and how we can protect our Earth and our health.”

Guthrie added that non-renewable resources raise the temperature of the Earth by five degrees. She believes that people need to stop investing in those resources and should not be giving our health up for corporations.

To attend the dinner on Nov. 4, Guthrie says to call the Thomas Merton Center at (412)-361-3022 for tickets.

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