NEW STANTON (KDKA) – Police are investigating after more than a dozen cars were broken into in New Stanton.

In total, burglars targeted 13 cars in the same neighborhood, some of which were left unlocked.

“Absolutely shocked it happened in this neighborhood,” one of the victim’s said.

The cars were all parked on Chaucer Drive and Chanticleer Circle.

“I came out, my neighbor told me his car was broken into and to check if anything was missing out of my vehicle,” the victim said, “and I didn’t notice until I came back out an hour later and saw my driver’s side window was cracked … looks like the end of a screwdriver or a hammer or something.”

The victim asked KDKA not to identify her, but her car was just one of the many that were vandalized. Some of the items stolen from the cars included a hunting crossbow and cash.

“We were inundated with calls,” said State Police Tpr. Steve Limani.

It’s unfortunate, but police say it’s that time of year.

“There’s different types of seasons we have as law enforcement officers and we’re heading into theft season,” Limani said.

Why now and why car thefts? Police say the holiday shopping season begins after Halloween, but there’s also another reason.

“In the winter time, people button up their houses, it gets chilly out,” Limani said. “People aren’t scurrying out – less chance of a thief getting caught.”

And the nicer the neighborhood, the more likely this kind of thing can happen.

“The thieves will target nicer home plans and go into those cars,” Limani said.

What you can do to avoid being a target is to put high-end items away, turn on outdoor lights and lock up or potentially pay up.

“The estimate I got is $740 to fix the window,” the victim said. “Oh, my car is going into the garage and it’s going to be locked and in the garage all of the time.”

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