PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If you’re tired of your workout regimen or maybe you need motivation to get started in the first place, there’s a product that might be just what you need.

It’s called Core Stix, and it was created by Pittsburgh Penguins’ strength and conditioning coach, Mike Kadar.

“You can isolate your muscle group, but while you’re doing that, your entire body, from your feet all the way up, is engaged, and that, I think, is the difference with Core Stix,” Kadar said.

Here’s how it works.

You insert flexible rods into the various holes on the board and pull on them. Some of the exercises are shown on the board.

Kadar came up with the idea 12 years ago when he was building a cattle fence with his father in western Canada.

“If you’ve ever had to dig a post hole, you have to take this iron bar and jab it in the ground and wiggle it around and do it repeatedly until the hole is big enough. And it’s a tremendous workout. And I just thought of it,” Kadar said.

Kadar demonstrated a few of the 100-plus exercises to KDKA-TV’s Kristine Sorensen.

“So, what I’ve done is set up three different exercises. The unique thing about Core Stix is the ability to go from exercise to exercise with no rest in between,” Kadar said.

That means more workouts in less time and with each exercise, you work out your whole body just to keep stable.

Cassandra Buncie, the founder of the Black n Gold Girls, organized a Core Stix challenge with eight members.

Personal trainer Jen Hoffman helped them work out with Core Stix for 35 minutes a day, four days a week.

After 12 weeks, Cassandra lost 11 pounds and 17 inches around her chest, waist and thighs and gained in other ways.

“Balance, sleeping, I feel like my skin looked better. Overall heath and glow and feeling really good,” Cassandra said.

Carrie Krosse of Pleasant Hills lost five inches from her waist and three inches from her hips.

“I had never been stronger when I was done with this,” Krosse said.

Krosse had been doing weights at the gym, but was seeing no results.

“I was there for a long time. I have two little kids. With activity and school and PTA and Girl Scouts, I don’t have that kind of time. I wish I did. This allowed me to get an incredible workout in 35 to 40 minutes,” Krosse said.

Sorensen met Kadar, Buncie and Krosse at what’s known as the “smart home” on Mt. Washington home where the homeowners kindly offered to have Corestix set up for a demo. Kristine tried it herself and says it was a good workout and liked the feel of it compared to free weights and machines.

A home set of Core Stix costs between $850 to $1,400

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